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Annoying posts on social media

Annoying posts on social media

Dangal throws up a few smart holds and attacks but also stumbles

Aamir Khan's Dangal has just raised the bar for women and what they can do, which is almost everything. But there are some sore points where it falters.source Coming out...

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s next ‘Haraamkhor’ trailer is setting YouTube ablaze. Watch Video

The shooting of this entire movie was wrapped up in a record time of 16 days. Find out many more interesting facts about this movie...

Why Food Supplements May Not Be Good For You

Think before you pop in supplements like food. They may not be as good as you think says new evidence.Medicines we know have side-effects. Most of us know about...

“Its all happening here at the Sydney Cricket Ground”!! Heard of this line before...

 What makes watching sport fascinating on visual media- its not just the quality of the game being played but also the quality of the commentary on offer. Sometimes the...

A Contra View On Marijuana That Will Surprise You

Marijuana use doesn't take a toll on your IQ: A most common belief among the anti-weed community, that pot-smokers have a reduced IQ. But a new study reveals that,...

Sugar is the new Villain. Not fat , Not Meat ,Not Cholestrol. Read about...

If you think you need to lose weight and reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, the best way out is to cut sugar, not fat. Carbohydrates, including sugar,...



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