This Girl Used Mushrooms To Stop People From Leaving Villages to Cities

There were many families who were migrating to cities for a livelihood in Uttrakhand villages. They were chasing a dream of better livelihoods and better living conditions. But most...

If there is One Person Who Deserves to Go Viral , Its This IAS...

We have seen so many IAS officers in India who take up this esteemed job solely to earn money and as a matter of esteem and class. A majority...

Porters Molested Me!! . A Wheel Chair Bound Woman is Fighting to Make Railways...

Virali Modi , now in her mid-20s is just like any other woman of her age. She wants to live her life to the fullest and try for it...

The Woman Who Cut Off Her Breasts Against Oppresion

Nangeli gained her place in history as the woman who cut off her breasts to protest against an inhuman tax and oppression imposed in erstwhile TravancoreMany books and histories...

Bangalore MG Road New Year Celebration – Memories of millennium New Year Celebration

Taking a stroll down the memory line and trying to the connect the nostalgic feelings about old MG road during 90's. It is not just a place for the youth grew up during 90's and is associated with lot of memories.

What "The Hindu" did after Jayalalithaa’s demise re-affirms our belief in goodness

What "The Hindu" did have really set an example



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