“The Stray Dog Squad” : Save Girl’s Life In Chennai From A Stabber

In quite a  rare incident this week, two stray dogs helped catch a man who allegedly stabbed a woman with a knife in Chennai. In the morning about 6:30 am,...

You Cant Read This Story Without Moist Eyes.Kidnapped at 12 And Prostitute Till 17

What’s the worst thing you have faced? I am sure most of us will have only very trivial incidents to narrate. Like me. Mine was a very normal childhood...

Teacher Strips Girls, Parades Them Inside The School As They Missed Their Homework

For centuries, girls have been harassed and attacked in the name of religion, caste, orthodoxy, creed, a man's lust and now we have a new unlikely addition to the...

Three Men Gang Rape A Woman and Streams It Live On – Crime

In an atrocious incident ,three young men aged 18, 20 and 24, were recently suspected in Sweden for gang raping a woman and then live streaming the act on...

Husband used cockroaches to scare Woman into having sex – Crime

Bangalore-based woman also  accuses techie husband of having multiple affairs, claims he used cockroaches to get her into bed and would get pleasure from hearing her scream   In what is...

Bhopal Man, Who Allegedly Murdered Live-In Partner, Killed His Parents Too It Seems

ads_sharebox_260x60 BHOPAL -- A man arrested for allegedly killing his live-in partner and entombing her body has told police that he murdered his parents six years ago and...

Woman’s Sexual Fantasy Turns To Nightmare As She Kills Her Husband.

Anita Meyzer, former Miss Bulgaria, has been booked for allegedly killing her 40-year-old husband during sex. She had apparently tied plastic around her husband’s arms, legs and neck, which was her...

Woman Allegedly Murders Newborn Girl After Husband Threatens To Divorce

HYDERABAD -- In a gruesome incident, a tribal woman in Telangana allegedly killed her newborn girl child by feeding milk laced with pesticides as her husband had threatened to...

Shocking!!!. Man Beheads Wife Because She Cooked Spicy Food And Neighbours Didn’t Do Anything

East Delhi : In a harrowing and very disturbing incident , a man beat his wife before sawing off her head. Meanwhile, the neighbours did very little to help...



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