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Most of us think that we are in the age of science and technology and we have answered all the mysteries of the world . But there are many seemingly very simple things we cannot answer . Try the following and judge for yourself

4How Many Muscles Do We Have

Most of us know that a healthy adult human body has 206 bones, 78 organs, and a whole bunch of muscles that you’d think, by now, somebody would have counted. Believe it or not, though, nobody is entirely sure exactly how many muscles we have. We know it’s somewhere around 700 skeletal muscles—but the actual number could be anywhere from 640 to 850.

The problem is that there are some muscles in our bodies that are so complex that they might actually be two different muscles. Nobody can quite come to an agreement as to how many muscles they’re looking at when they see these complex ones, so different medical experts have different answers.

Even if they did agree, we keep finding people who don’t fit the norm. Some people have extra muscles on their bodies, and others have weird variations nobody was expecting.

So, the answer, for now, is that we have a bunch. Or, as one writer very scientifically put it, “about 700 [ . . . ] including roughly 400 that no one cares about.”[4].

Funny isnt it

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