Some thoughts about health and science have been doing the rounds for a long time now. We tend to fall prey to these either because they have been here so long or someone we trust told it to us
However, in this age of science and technology many of these notions and myths are found to be completely false. Thus it’s about time we moved away from these long standing myths.

  1. Cold weather makes you sick

The temperature doesn’t have any effect on the possibility of catching a cold. People in surroundings with higher temperature are just as likely to catch a cold.The only plausible cause is the germs spread faster in cold,dry conditions.

Related image2. We use only 10 percent of our brains

The brain doesn’t have any dormant areas. The myth exists may be because we want to believe they haven’t tapped into their full potential. But you can certainly train your brain to do  more and better things than you do now .

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3. Reading in the dark or sitting too close to the TV ruins your eyesight.

There is no conclusive study to prove this . When you are sitting close to the TV that may be a symptom of near sightedness but surely it doesn’t cause it anyway . But it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore kids sitting close to the TV. Please have a check of their eye sight . May be they are near sighted

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4.Shaved hair grows back faster, coarser and darker.

Again there are no conclusive studies that prove this .The thicker part of the hair gets exposed on shaving, making it seem each individual shaft is taking up more space. The hair feels stiff as it short and cut straight across, it feels softer as it grows.
The hair appears darker as the hair dots are now seen directly against the normal skin colour.

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5. The only cause of Ulcers is Spicy Food

We as Indians have heard this a lot isnt it . Eating spicy food will certainly lead to ulcer. But do you know that most of the ulcers are caused by the bacteria Heliobacter pylori and not by the burning of the stomach lining by spicy food.
Chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can damage tissues and cause an ulcer.

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6. Fried food and Chocolate gives you Acne

Give them a break please . I mean about Fried food and chocolate. Its your hormones thats causing those Acne . Or it is your heredity or stress levels . So don’t put that blame on the Chocolates or fried food please

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7. Eating at night makes you fat

This is one of those beliefs that never dies down . I myself had beleived it for so long . But the only thing that matters to make you fat is how much calories you intake and how much are you burning . I am not taking any other medical conditions in to consideration here. So If you are having moderate portions and are working out you dont have to worry about when you eat

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8.Vaccines can cause the flu and/or autism.

This is utterly not true and not proven anywhere. There are many people in India it self who vouch by this and also level many other deadly reasons against vaccines. One hilarious one I heard was that vaccines is the way that developed nations take to reduce the population of this earth by making people impotent . What can you say about that ?

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9. Supplements always make you stronger

Taking supplements under the supervision of a qualified doctor will be good for you but taking high doses of vitamin supplements may be linked with an increased risk of cancer. Supplements are generally not regulated in the same way as medicinal drugs and thus their safety is not rigorously studied. So please make sure you know what you are taking before you pop those pills

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So don’t you believe in everything you hear from who ever it is . Give it a good thought and ask to qualified people before beleiving it

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