This gang is particularly targeting men in the cars at night and old men who have no chance of physically assaulting them. The girls trick the men into talking to them and once they do, they threaten to create a scene (molestation or eve teasing) if they aren’t given the valuables and money.

The gang mainly zeroes in on lonely men in a car or old men out on a walk. According to the police, the gang is very active in the Indiranagar, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Ulsoor and other areas that are closer to this circle. Police want men to be very cautious and most importantly they want everyone to report the cases. This particular racket came to light only when one of the victims approached the police.

A Girl Gang Is Robbing Bengaluru Men Off Their Valuables

Mr. Gowda lost his 50gm gold chain

According to him, while he was returning from a relative’s wedding a woman smiled at him at a traffic signal and made obscene gestures. Before he could realise, another woman got into the car and hugged him and asked him to drive to a secluded area. Mr. Gowda knew he had to do something so threatened the woman with police and asked to get down. The woman did get down but to Mr. Gowda’s horror, his gold chain was missing.

The women use the weapon of molestation and harassment to dupe unsuspecting men

Another similar case was reported by KS. Thomas from Murugeshpalya. He had to do away with Rs.3000 in cash and a gold ring because a woman suddenly started shouting at him and asking him why he was staring her. This is the normal modus operandi of the gang and the unsuspecting men fall in to their trap

Police is now keeping a close watch on women moving around suspiciously at night

An officer working on the case has said,

We have received a few complaints of men falling victims to such gangs. The victims are targeted at night. We suspect there could more such cases than the complaints as the victims may have refrained from complaining due to social stigma. We are keeping a close watch on women found moving suspiciously at night. Women police personnel have been instructed to keep an eye out for them.”

So, if you are in Bengaluru, stay safe. The modus operandi of these women is very smart. They  have ensured that you will either lose your money or you will get beaten up by a mob. It’s upto you now how you will avoid getting trapped.

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