Kids can do the weirdest things and get away with it. Isn’t it? How many times have you thought it would have been great to be a friend. How easy life would have been if we wouldn’t have had to grow up. Don’t you think so? Well, if you don’t, this video of a child enjoying his dish like a king will force you to ponder over that thought.

Eating and spilling food on his dinner table, the baby has spaghetti all around his face, neck and body — without a care in the world. A Facebook page shared the video via Viralvideouk and it has gone viral.

Kid Loves Life As Much As He Loves Spaghetti

Why can't my life be this simple 😂😭🍝via Viralvideouk

Posted by UNILAD on 27 मार्च 2017

Does this guys love spaghetti so much ? I would love to be a kid again and be as carefree and loving once more. Wouldn’t you guys . Please make sure you share this as much as possible to let others also travel to their childhood

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