The Italian parliament has started discussing a draft law that offers “menstrual leave” for working women.

If the bill is passed, the female workers, who experience painful periods, will soon be granted three days of paid leave each month. The bill was presented on March 13 by four lawmakers, all women, from the ruling democratic party.

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Italy in fact is not the first country to grant leave for the women during periods. Japan and Indonesia in Asia already have this provision in their countries .

The Italian edition of women’s magazine, Marie Claire, described it as “a standard-bearer of progress and social sustainability”. It is a positive step to help working women who suffer from cramps.

Also, Italy has female-friendly laws. Five months of paid maternity leave are mandatory both for employers and employees.

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Many feel this bill will also have negative consequences and may backfire. Even though it helps in really solving real problems for the women , many fear that this may also lead to employers preferring men over women for jobs.  That would be utter shame though. But that’s the way the world goes around right ?

What do our readers think about this move. Should this law be implemented in other countries like India too. What will be the consequences. What will be the feedback of normal public here. We are very eager to hear your comments and opinions. Please use the comment area below to start the conversation. Lets have a healthy discussion going


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