Is being a parent easy ?. Thats stupid question isn’t it . Its one of the stressful jobs there is . Taking care of the baby , doing the household chores , making them happy , making them laugh and what not . It is really strapping and a spa for the parent is one we yearn for. But what will we do with the babies at that time? What if they also have a spa treatment where they can also enjoy as much as you.

An Indian sister duo Kavita Kumar and Anita Yap have opened a Baby Spa in Perth, Australia and all the babies in this town are having the time of their life. A little bit of massage, a little bit of swimming and a lot of relaxing is what these women are offering to all the babies here.

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Have a look at some of the babies having a gala time while getting themselves pampered – luxuriously. The pictures are sooo adorable, they will make you want to be a baby again. 

Look at them having fun in the pool. Don’t you love to be in their place

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After the swim a good nap. What I will not give such a sleep.

Making new friends in the pool.

I am having a Baby’s Day out . The real one but .

This will be great Idea in India too.  We hope someone will start a similar one in India too. The babies here also deserve to be pampered .

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