The water situation in the world is becoming grim day after day  and year after year. We have the world water day in March to remind us about the water situation . We hear stories about water shortage and the number of stories increase year on year.

Who’s to blame?

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Our relentless need to exploit resources, till everything comes to a verge of disappearing. And it’s not getting any better.

A new report by the United Nations’ International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) warns that by 2040 one in four of the world’s children will be living in areas with extremely limited water resources.

This time around, the crisis will be greater than anything humanity has ever witnessed, warn the report.

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A report tilted Thirsting for a Future explores the impending threat of rising global population, surge in demand for water, rising sea levels and droughts to the lives of millions of children across the world.

“Today, we’re failing a quarter of the world’s children by not ensuring the most basic component of their well-being. Clean water affects everything from a child’s health to their education and to their safety. Providing access to clean, safe water must quickly become a global priority before it’s too late, said UNICEF Canada President and CEO David Morley.

According to Professor Anthony Lake, executive director of Unicef, “Children without access to safe water are more likely to die in infancy – and throughout childhood – from diseases caused by water-borne bacteria, to which their small bodies are more vulnerable.”

The report warns that by  2040, the amount of water available to each person on the planet cut by 50 per cent and it’s alarming.

H/T :India Times

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