It has always been Marvel vs DC, since childhood for all of us. But clearly, Marvel edged above DC when it comes to the cinematic universe. Movies like Deadpool and Logan were a mass entertainer, but Justice League is not just a movie for all the 90s kids. It’s an emotion which cannot be described. It is what we grew up with.

Let’s be honest, the Avengers were nowhere near Justice League when we were kids. It had always been Justice League for all of us. The first trailer has been released by Warner Bros, who had been teasing with the posters and snippets of the trailer. We can see Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg showing of their moves in the trailer. Superman is missing for now, but I’m sure he’ll make it in the second trailer. Let’s see if ┬áJustice League is worth it’s salt.

Watch the trailer right here.

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