Its common occurrence and most us would have experienced the exorbitant prices charged by the vendors on train by the vendors . Now Railways have taken note of the same and has come up with a rate card that will help the needy .

On many occasions the customers have shown their displeasure and they have also taken to social media to show the world how they were fleeced on trains . Now this move by railways is a very welcome move and may this be one of the initial steps that will make train journey a happy one for all of us .

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Many people welcomed this move but there were also many suggestions coming from the twitteratti customers some of which will resonate with us and hope railways will listen to them too

The ministry also released a video of the charges along with the tweet

We now see that railways becoming a much more responsive and also understanding organisation for which we are happy and grateful. It really makes us feel more comfortable knowing that there is a ministry which listens to the common man and also responds to it swiftly.

Hope this rate change will not now lead to adulteration of food and low quality food on trains. The vendors surely will be pissed off and will be thinking of ways in which they can make more money within the boundaries. We appeal to all the consumers that they be vigilant and if anything comes to their notice please report it to the railways immediately. It is also our responsibility to be watchful and report. And it is our right not to take exploitation lying down .

What do you think about the move by the railways. Please comment and let us know. Also please share the post to the maximum number of people so that  all of them know about this and they are not fleeced.

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