Television became a way of life almost around the world now . Even though the mobiles and other hand held devices are giving it stiff competition it is still going strong. As many of us know there are many engrossing TV shows that keep the viewers glued on the to the television.

But there are also some things that were too shocking to be seen live on the television. There are moments in live TV that people think were false. These are some of them

1.Japanese Tsunami in 2011

This was one of the worst natural disaster that was seen on TV . Seeing the boats and cars being thrown and torn as if they were made of paper was just simple unbelievable.This horrific natural disaster led to the deaths of more than 13,000 people and the destruction of property worth more around $235 billion. The waves were more than 40 meters high and so many people were never to be found.

2.Challenger Space shuttle explosion

This happened in 1986. All seven crew members inside the Challenger Space Shuttle died as the shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after take off. The whole world watched in utter shock. Then we had other explosions too happening for space shuttle but this was the that most of the people saw live as it was very new at that time

3.Crisis of Tourist Hostages in Manila

This was one hostage crisis that was shown live for 10 hours on television. Rolando Mendoza who was a police officer was sacked from his post and in retaliation he hijacked a tourist bus. This led to the death of eight hostages

4. JetBlue Airways Flight landing

This was one of the emergency landing which was really horrific and was none like any other. What made it more horrific was that many of the passengers inside the plane saw whats happening outside because of the live TV. How sad that is ?. Luckily there was no loss of life.

5. O.J Simpson Car Chase

The trial of O.J Simpson was one of the most viewed and discussed trials in America. But even before the trials the public viewed in awe as O.J. Simpson drove away from authorities as news helicopters followed him. He was accused of murdering his wife, but he was acquitted in the end.

6.The fall of Berlin Wall

The November of 1989 is etched forever in the minds of Germany and also many people from other countries. It was then the wall that divided Germany and the world to an extent came down. It was in  November of 1989, it happened and live TV feeds from around the world were there to capture it.

7. 1972 Olympic Massacre

In retaliation to the imprisonment of 234 Palestinians in Israeli jails, a terrorist group known as Black September took many members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage in an apartment building, ultimately killing 11 of them. Throughout the two-day ordeal, TV crews caught the events live. The terrorists were even able to watch the coverage as it unfolded, which allowed them to prepare for the police response. This event marked a new chapter for international terrorism, one that we are still experiencing today.

8. 9/11 terrorist attack

When a plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center, major news channels quickly began airing a live feed of the incident. Shortly after the cameras started rolling, a second plane collided with the south tower sending a chill down the spine of all those who watched this horror unfold.

Clouds of smoke filled the sky as the 110-story skyscrapers burned above New York city. The panic in New York took a turn for the worst when the towers came crashing down in a menacing wave of dust and smoke.

This vile attack was coordinated by Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda and resulted in the death of nearly 3000 people.

9. 26 / 11 Attack in Mumbai – India

The month was again November . Only the date changed. On 26th of November terrorists entered the iconic Taj hotel in Mumbai and other places too and started indiscriminate firing. The whole event was live of TV for the two days as the event unfolded and the country watched the whole event in shock.




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