The normal perception of Government run agencies is that they don’t respond to any queries and if the response comes it is always delayed. But this incident dispels all those perceptions and we thought we should bring this story to you. This reinforces that the current ministry people are active in the social media and they respond to distress calls.

Normally we have seen Sushma Swaraj is very proactive to tweets and reply and help the citizens . But another minister and his ministry too have helped many and won hearts on the Internet — Suresh Prabhu and the Indian Railways. Recently, when a 5-month-old baby needed milk and her parents asked for assistance on Twitter, the railways responded quickly to the plea.

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The baby was travelling with her parents in Konkan Railways’ Happa Express and they regretfully realised there was no milk available in the train. The next stop for the train too was quite far away and the parents panicked. A co-passenger Sneha Bhapat reached out to her friends and one of them Anagha Nikam shared the picture of the baby online and asked for help.

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Very shortly Konkan Railways replied and asked for the PNR number. Once they got the information, the railways informed that the milk was arranged. The passenger in distress was asked to come off the coach and collect the food at Kolad station.




Later, Nikam shared another picture of the little one identified as Kartiki and said she was “so lucky” as she got the milk and thanked the minister and Prabhu for their actions.

It is so heart warming that such incidents also happen in India and we have officials and ministries who are ready to help the citizens on very short notice. Now you know that along with Ministry of external affairs Railways is also a very responsive system . Now you know what to do when in distress in a train.