Whats your definition of healthy lifestyle to keep all the diseases at bay ? Eat healthy, exercise daily, do not smoke or drink, these are the basic rules to lead a healthy life, right? This 45-year-old man was exactly doing the same until he met the oncologist Vishal Rao. His worst fears came true when his biopsy reports showed positive results. He led an extremely healthy lifestyle, yet cancer managed to conquer his system. It even left the doctor speechless.  There are dangers around you that you should not ignore. As told to betterindia.com by doctor Rao, the following can be the reasons behind cancer:


Pesticides in the Vegetable and other food

Pesticide residues in food are a major concern. Though avoiding fruits and vegetables in fear of pesticides is certainly not a very good idea. But please make sure that you have organic food from the reported and accredited farms .But this will need much more push from the government and the agriculture ministry. Can you believe that the  insecticide act of India 1968 is still awaiting amendments. The amended act awaits clearance in Rajya Sabha.


Today the trend of having food off the tinned cans is becoming more and more prevalent. Thats where preservatives come in to play .  Traditionally, preservatives were introduced into food products for keeping them safe and edible for long periods. Salt, sugar and vegetable oil are classical examples, which preserve food and provide the body with nutrition when consumed in required amounts. But with advanced technology and treacherous times, we have moved to using synthetic preservatives which protect food from spoiling for long periods. There have been studies which has found that synthetic food preservatives like Sodium benzoate and Sodium nitrite can cause hyperreactivity in children and have been linked to gastric cancer as well. These preservatives are usually found in cold drinks, processed meat, canned food and most importantly, ready-to-make food products. So please be careful when making food from ready-to-make foods.

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Adulterants in Food

We have been hearing about food adulterants and would have encountered many of them too. Have you seen those apples with a glossy finish? Yes, they extremely good looking but do you know how do they get that shine. Its most probably waxed!!. It is also known that vegetables like green chillies and green peas are coated with malachite green (highly carcinogenic and are used as dyes to study bacteria) to enhance the colour of vegetables and fruits.

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That’s only one part . Most of the powders like chilli powder , turmeric powder and others are also adulterated with possibly cancer inducing  adulterants for quick profit . It was recently in Kerala that many cases where filed and many food items banned because of adulterants.

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OK. This is a sensitive topic. But lets face it.We Indian are not very big on hygiene and we totally love our street food. This information might put you off from street food but for good only. The micro-organisms are responsible for more deaths than cancer every year. Typhoid fever, botulism, amoebiasis, etc. are common food and waterborne infections. An unhygienic condition maintained by street vendors and eateries is a key factor behind the spread of these infections. More over vehicular emission, carbon dioxide and air pollutants from the roads are also absorbed by these food items. You know what that will lead to .Right? The basic practice of washing one’s hands before touching any food ingredient is unspoken of in such cases.Moreover in many of the street carts/shops the hot food has close contact with plastic which is another cause of worry.

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De-greening Agents

Since our storage methods are not that advanced enough , fruits and vegetables cannot be stored for a long time. So to get around the problem most of them are treated with de-greening agents like calcium carbide and ethylene. These chemicals help to make fruits and vegetables look more appealing and help us to store them longer. But the long term effects of these chemicals on our body is really not understood but they cannot be good .

Its high time to alter our life style and go back to our roots where we cook our own food and make eat from outside an exception. The government also should make sure that the Insecticide act of India is amended and to have stringent provisions to make sure the food that the country eats is safe.

From our side we should make sure that we buy things from accredited organic stores , wash all the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before using them and be very sure about the hygiene .

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