It seems your tongue type will tell who you are and what kind of personality you have. These are personality traits coming out from common mans understanding and is not backed by any scientific evidence. Please check and see if they are right . But it is fun to read. This we promise

1.Thin Tongue

2. Thin Tongue

People with thin tongue speak more but have a clean heart. These guys are straight and do not hurt people. Its good to be with them.

2. Thick Tongue

1. Thick Tongue

Thick tongued guys are high tempered,  grumpy and quarrelsome in nature and try to generally rule on their home. This makes them look like they are bad people but they just want control

3. Long Tongue

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People with long tongue are considered to be wise and nerds. It seems females who have a long tongue love their husbands the most. But as you know there are exceptions for everything . So don’t take our words as bible here

4.Short /Small Tongue

4. Small Tongue


Small tongued people speak less and remain calm in desperate situations. But they do have their drawbacks as they find it difficult to oppose someone  even though they know they are correct .

5.Aerodynamic Tongue


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People who have a pointed tongue are explicit and clever by nature. They love making conspiracies and find it easy t oppose anyone who is against them.

6. Whiteness in the Tongue

7. Whiteness on Tongue

These people like to take  initiative in love and are very social in nature. Talking about women with whiteness on tongue, they love their husbands a lot. So guys you know what to look next time 🙂

7.Curved Tongue

6. Curvical Tongue

People with curved tongue do not like or commit treachery and normally they tend to have a soft heart and help others in need.

8. Reddish Tongue

8. Reddish Tongue

People with red tongue are fearful guys it seem. These people are especially scared of fire among other things


So what kind of tongue do you have. Does your personality match with the above descriptions. Please write your comments below . Also don’t forget to share this story with your friends as it is fun to read such things at time. Right ?

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