“We give away used things to our domestic help all the time, but seldom give them a choice. With a shop like this, they enter and choose things that they want to buy,” a volunteer of Neki Ki Dukaan, Gagandeep Kaur, told Scoopwhoop News.

Neki Ki Dukan is a philanthropic project which is situated in Ludhiana. As its name suggests, this dukan sells second-hand products ranging from clothes to fans at a fixed price of ₹10.


The dukan, that was set-up this January, primarily attracts the migrant labourers as its customers.

An initiative of Ludhiana-based NGO Ek Noor Seva Kendra, Neki Ki Dukan has no worries of paying the rent for the place it occupies, courtesy of a businessman who donated the space for this well-meant venture.

This shop does things very systematically:

  1. Its open only for one hour a day . From 6 PM to 7 PM daily  “the rest of the day goes in sorting the donated goods and arranging them in shelves and hangers,” .
  2. Aadhar card is mandatory to buy things from this shop.
  3. Their information is recorded in the NGO’s computerised register.
  4. No one can buy more than five items at a time. If they indeed buy 5 items at one go, they are not allowed to buy anything from the shop for thirty days in order to ensure that “the shop benefits all and not the same bunch of people,” .
  5. The revenue generated from the sales is forwarded to the NGO’s medical facilities.
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We can also donate items to Neki ki dukan:

If you reside in Ludhiana and want to give away items, you should give a call to 76967 31000 and someone from the NGO will arrive to pick your order up. In case you do not live in Ludhiana and somewhere else in Punjab or Delhi, you might get information, on how to donate, from the same number.

We at Chikbuk really salute this idea and wish them all the best in this endevour. We also request all our readers in Punjab and Delhi to donate your unused stuff to this NGO so that it is put to good use . Please also make sure that this post reaches as many people as possible so that it helps more and more people

H/T : ScoopWhoop