This is one bizzare news that we got in to today and thought it will be interesting for you too. Many of the religious texts such as Bhagavad Gita tells us not to worry about results but only concentrate on what we do (Karma), there is this temple in Gujarat that has been circulating pamphlets that allegdl claims to guarantee the results for students appearing in board exams. This is real exploitation of anxious parents and the pamphlet even promises to return the money if the student fails.

What amazes is that, even in 2017, such unrealistic promises makes their way to public and in the veil of ‘divine’ connection try to convince believers.

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As per a India Today report, Kashthabhanjan Temple located in Gujarat’s Panchmahal district has given out leaflets in Gujarati mentioning the way out of one’s distress that comes from the name of exams. The temple, reportedly, has a pen set on offer that can be no less than a panacea for students getting goosebumps from the fear of examinations. A Hanuman sevak by the name of Dushyant Bapuji claims in the leaflet that the pen has divine properties as it was obtained after performing a Hanuman Saraswati Yagya !!!.

The report further goes on to say that the leaflet, which features the pens that have been highly priced at Rs 1,900, addresses the parents and tries to cash in on their sentiments. In the backdrop of their apprehensions, the handbill asks them questions like if they would like to see their children pass the exams, and are they worried that their wards might perform poorly. The handbill, reportedly, also assures to pay back the full amount if any particular student fails in his examination, and has kept certain prerequisites – a mobile number, exam receipt, a photocopy of hall ticket and copy of school/college ID – for buying the pen set.

Twitter users have even tweeted out the leaflet of the temple in Gujarati. The image of the pamphlet is shown below


We don’t know how true is this news ,but  we thought that the ‘guaranteed’ proclamation would amaze and amuse  our readers. If you believe in such ‘divine’ powers do let us know in comments below. And surely comment of anyone you know who has already got the pen set and what the results are.