This is the moment fans across the world have been waiting for. The trailer of the seventh season of GOT suggests of darker times ahead. Premiere Date along with the trailer were revealed in a very thrilling fashion, which was much expected by fans.


The date was revealed dramatically involving a giant block of ice which was melted as you can see above. It has finally been confirmed that the penultimate season of the GOT  series will premiere on 16th July.

Unlike the previous seasons with 10 episodes, this season will only have 7 installments which are originally written and created by RR.Martin from the most waited novels The Winds Of Winter and Dream Of Spring whose release dates aren’t yet confirmed.


The details about the latest season are scarce, but by looking at the trailer we can be sure of an epic battle. Game Of thrones has been HBO’s most successful TV show and the fans can’t get enough from the trailer.

The trailer which consists of graphical representations and selected line of dialogues, has made the fans across the world guessing for what will come next. I’m sure everyone must be having their own theory of how things will move forward after seeing the trailer.

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