When it comes to Ranveer Singh, he impeccably wows the crowd with his public stunts. Nobody can beat him when it comes to going crazy on the street. His AIB roast alongside Arjun Kapoor was sure a mass hit.


And remember his performance on the streets of Mumbai dancing to the tunes of Hrithik’s songs. That’s not all.


He can also live tweet from an operation theatre. He doesn’t give a F*** what people think about him, call it publicity, insanity or cool. Whatever it maybe, he does it in style.


And to maintain his legacy, he’s come up with some thing new this time.

He was seen playing cricket with his mates in St. Morris – Switzerland. Ok now, just have a look at the weather conditions and ground conditions there.


His commentary is very English and hilarious at the same time. Worth a watch.

Recreating the memories of the movie Lagaan. Watch the video below to know more about Ranveer’s cricketing experience in the Swiz.

Enjoy his commentary and the beautiful view of St. Morris. BTW, Ranveer is also the Indian Ambassador of Switzerland Tourism. 

The Battle of St. Moritz #icecricket #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND Engadin St. Moritz

Posted by Ranveer Singh on 3 मार्च 2017


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