Black is my favorite colour. Be it dress or people or animals. Black is beautiful. Black has that timeless beauty which no other colour can provide. Looking at these stunning animals from the animal kingdom just made my belief more concrete . Check out these animals and tell us what do you think

Black Rat Snake

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Look at this slithering black beauty . Normall rat snakes are not black but you can see them in some parts of the world like central North America. Don’t worry . They are non-venomous.

Black Panther

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Ooooh. Now isn’t he beautiful and majestic ? . There are one of the variants of the species of the larger cat. They are seen in Latin America , Africa and Asia where they are called different names. Whatever is the name black looks incredible.

Black Fawn Deer

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Look at the melanistic black fawn with her siblings. They both look adorable but the black one looks different right.

Black Wolf

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No . This is not from Game of Thrones. This is a real black wolf Look how the menace is accentuated with black . And the black giving him more character than the normal ones . They are a variant of the grey wolves. They are not different in anyways other than the color of the coat

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Now comes the relative of wolf the fox in the black. Doesn’t he look more cunning than the normal ones ? . The color can vary in case of a black fox from grey to bluish black and something in between. But what ever it is we don’t complain

Black Lizards

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I know . The picture may make us go Yikes!!! . But you can see them in abundance in Australia and New zealand. And its our responsibility to bring it to you right?

Black Squirrel

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Look at this melanistic Squirrel.  They look very different isnt it . They are found in areas where there are frequent forest fires.

Black Horse

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OK , we all know there are black horses. But look at him . You cant take your eyes off him. Isn’t it. That black glistening coat is thing of dreams.

Black Swan

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Now black swan is not onle a theory . They exist and you are looking at one now.

Black Lion . Is it Real. Now watch the video to find this out

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