The Indian cricket team was having a dream run until they found a road block in Pune. It was a mighty fall from the lofty heights they were accustomed to. A wake-up call, certainly, but not one to be brutally criticized.

But as Indians are so passionate about the cricket some amount of backlash cannot be prevented. It’s an occupational hazard for being the heart throbs of the country.

As fans, we tend to forget all the hard work and success after one humiliating loss. Luckily, there are people like Hugh Jackman out there who don’t give up on a team that easily.



This is the man who kicked cancer out of his system for the sixth time. So he knows something about fighting spirit and how to overcome hurdles and moreover Wolverine is a big fan of Cricket .

So he had a wonderful message for the Indian Cricket team. 

Jackman, who is an Aussie called Virat Kohli and his men ‘Superheroes’ in a video where he is seen promoting his upcoming movie ‘Logan’.

His words were,

“Namastey to all my fans in India. You guys know that cricket is my favourite sport. What a great journey you and your cricket team have been on since the last few years. You’re superheroes. You have been overpowering all the teams in the world, but my Aussie mates have just got the bit of you in the first Test — only the first. I know the Indian team is going to play bolder than ever because that’s what superheroes do and that’s what ‘Logan’ does.”

Fox Star India shared the video which had Logan’s message to Indian cricket fans. Check it out.

Movie promotion done right!

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