We have seen so many IAS officers in India who take up this esteemed job solely to earn money and as a matter of esteem and class. A majority of them are accused of corruption charges and are a part of other illegal money-minting processes. But there are many  bright spots in this profession which gives so much of power and responsibility for the person which really moves and inspires us.  Chikbuk brings you one such gem from Kerala IAS cadre.

This is about the senior IAS officer, Parameswaran Iyer who is also the secretary to the Union Ministry of drinking water and sanitation.

He set an example to all other officers and even lay men  when he entered inside the toilet pit in a Telangana village and removed the fecal matter with his own hands with other bureaucrats staring in awe. 

SourceThe villagers were amused  and over awed to see a top-ranking official inside the toilet pit cleaning the fecal matter with his own hands, without wearing any gloves. (It’s a rare or not to be seen sight , right)

Iyer’s unusual and laudable feat caught Narendra Modi’s attention and the PM acknowledged his action in a recent ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme. 

He also acknowledged his effort through this tweet:


Iyer had accompanied other senior bureaucrats to analyse the concept of twin-pit toilet technology which converts human excreta into manure in a short time.  


Prashant Jeevan Patil, Warangal’s (rural) joint collector told Hindustan Times, “While explaining this technology, Iyer suddenly wanted to know how the first pit is emptied. He removed the lid of the pit, got into it and started lifting the dried up faecal matter, which had turned into a manure, using a shovel.

Iyer’s efforts caught many people’s attention and people lauded him for his efforts and most importantly, for setting an example that would inspire many people and top-notch officials. 

Chikbuk Saultes  Iyer’s efforts for removing the stigma around the concept of manual scavenging. In a nation which considers these actions to be solely reserved for lower-caste people, Iyer’s actions will nudge us to ponder upon such notions. Perhaps, other officials would take a cue from him and follow suit to construct a nation which is devoid of such nonsensical stigmas.

It is such steps that makes us believe change is possible in India and we can be a better nation.

H/T: Hindustan Times