It is well known that restaurants cannot charge extra for water bottles , but there are many ways in which restaurants take advantage of poor customers . Some of them justify it by putting overheads such as cooling cost, electricity costs and service cost.


This practice is still prevalent in a number of restaurants, but a person can a remedial course by suing the violators of the “Fair Trade Practice”, just like this man from Hyderabad did.

The Sarvi Hotel located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, charged Ch. Kondaiah Rs 40 for a mineral water bottle that had an MRP of Rs.20.


The man decided to raise his voice against the so-called norm and dragged a popular eatery to court. Result? Well, the hotel was asked to pay the customer Rs 20,000 for overcharging.

When Kondaiah asked the manager of the hotel the reason behind overcharging, Incredulously he said “It’s a common practice”. Wah ustad Wah !!!. What an answer . Didn’t he have anything else to say .

During the hearing, the hotel highlighted the law of “Principles of Hospitality”, according to which customers can’t complain for the prices being charged in the menu card.


Consumers who are charged more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) by shopkeepers and hotels can also dial up the Weights and Measures department for appropriate action. Please be aware of this fact and take action as soon as you are over charged. Don’t take in oppression just lying down.

We salute the guy who did it and the example he set for others.