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No-one really likes getting in a cold bed, so one entrepreneurial Russian woman charges men to get between their chilly sheets and get them all cosy. You may feel it s very weird and fake but it is  happening and her business doing quite good. 21-year-old, Viktoria Ivachyova, provides hospitality services to people who want a warmer bed during cold winter nights. She is the world’s first human bed warmer.


Viktoria spends an hour, rolling over in the bed, to ensure they are nice and warm when the customer turns in.

The beautiful girl, Ivachyova, claims that a Russian novel by Anatoly Marienhof inspired her, where a poet had a female typist who would warm his bed every morning to overcome a bout of writer’s block.

Viktoria just puts on her pyjama and gets into her client’s bed.“She tells clients they can be in the room while she warms their bed, but there is to be no physical contact between them,” is her clear policy. In case anyone tries to break the rules she hits a ‘panic button’ that alerts the hotel staffers.

According to sources, Viktoria has a long list of customers. She admits that she mostly target single men. But, she wants to help everybody. Viktoria is even willing to provide services to ladies. She believes that the positive energy that she leaves behind, gives a good night’s sleep to her customers. Also,  considering the demand, she is planning to hire more women.

But to be fair, the concept isn’t new, and apparently it isn’t the first time either. Reports dating back to 2010 talk about the popular hotel chain Holiday Inn, which started the concept at their resorts in Britan. At the UK hotels, staff would dress in an all-in-one fleece sleeper suit before slipping between the sheets to warm the beds of customers on request. The authorities for the Inn too had specified that the warmer would be fully dressed and leave the bed before the guest occupied it.

Isn’t the job just awesome?