Have you ever wondered how Facebook can provide you with relevant ads about what you browsed , what you used in the mail and so on . Facebook is a company that relies on data. The feed that it creates for the users is heavily personalised and so are the ads that it serves. The social media giant tracks all of its users’ web activities and then uses it to learn their preferences and show them advertisements they will be most interested in.

iStock by Getty Images
iStock by Getty Images

So , what exactly does Facebook know about us?

Thats a good question to ask . Well , Apparently, everything!

If not everything, Facebook does know more than what we think it does. It keeps on analysing our Internet activity and then creates a separate profile to serve us better ads. The profile includes our address, phone number, education, income, cost and expenditure preferences. And the most horrifying thing is that the data is stored in Facebook’s database even after you delete your profile, forever.

Does Facebook also watch us even if we don’t have an account? 

A study published by Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy claims that the social media website does track users even if they don’t have a Facebook account. This is practised using cookie files and social network plugins that keep sending data to the company.


So how do we protect our data now?

While iPhone users can go to Settings > Confidentiality > Advertising and then enable the Limit Ad Tracking, Android smartphone users will have to go to Settings > Google > Ads Settings and turn off Ads Personalization.


Users of Chrome browser can go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy and tick the Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic.


While we currently don’t have proper laws preventing users from being tracked, it’s high time we should have them!. We cannot allow these social and ad biggies from using our data and make money from ourselves. Sick isn’t it 

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H/T: thenextweb.com