HYDERABAD — In a gruesome incident, a tribal woman in Telangana allegedly killed her newborn girl child by feeding milk laced with pesticides as her husband had threatened to divorce her if she delivered another daughter.

Police in Nalgonda district arrested mother  Nagamani and her husband Ramavath Jayaram after the incident came to light this week.

The woman, resident of Padmavathi, a tribal hamlet in Devarakonda block of Nalgonda district, had delivered the girl child early this month.

The child died at Devarakonda Area Hospital on 9 February, after battling for life for four days.

Police took up the investigations after the doctors grew suspicious about the cause of the death. The investigations revealed that the woman killed the child as her husband had threatened to divorce her and marry another woman if she delivered another girl child.

This was the couple’s third daughter. While the eldest daughter is five years old and is in the care of her paternal grandparents, the second child died after birth.

The taboo against girl child is still rampant in India and there are several cases of infant killings reports just because the kid was a girl. It is really shameful for a country like India who is moving towards a digital world that such incidents still happen.  We urge the government to take sufficient measures to make sure that these practices are stopped and strict punishments be doled out to people who commit this heinous crime.

source : Huffpost