Kerala is known to a place where the sex ratio is positive for the girl child and also for providing better opportunities for them to work . The government has many policies and initiatives to bring the women to all walks of life and treat them as equal.The Government of Kerala runs a female-oriented programme called Kudumbashree, for the alleviation of poverty, which aims to empower women by encouraging the women to take up businesses and other activities.

Under this programme, several women were trained to become bus conductors . This led to 90 women, trained under Kudumbashree, formed the first group of women bus conductors on private buses, states a report in The Hindu.

However, just close to  six months into the profession, many of the  women chose to opt out of the job because the pay they get is decided by their sex and not the work that they do. The Hindu report quotes one such woman conductor as saying that 89 women have quit, as against the figure that Kudumbashree put forth, according to which 26/90 women are still working.

The women have reportedly quit the job because they were being paid considerably less than their male counterparts. 

“I worked for Rs. 300 a day for the initial three months, and after persistent demands, it was increased to Rs. 500. Then I was told that there would be no more wage hike despite putting in over 12 hours a day even as men were paid Rs. 800 to Rs. 900. So, I left after five months,” The Hindu quoted the woman conductor as saying.


It is really sickening to see that the sex decides the pay for such a job that men and women can do equally well and is equally tedious too. But to the credit of Kerala women they didn’t sit idle and suffer it . They raised their voice and also revolted against it . That is the reason that you are reading this . So female literacy didn’t go waste ultimately.

Here’s hoping this makes us all reflect on the very sensitive issue of gender discrimination and the next time we call out “bloody feminists,” we recall this case before going any further to deprecate the ones who fight for equality.

News Source: The Hindu