For centuries, girls have been harassed and attacked in the name of religion, caste, orthodoxy, creed, a man’s lust and now we have a new unlikely addition to the list – education.

We all have believed in the dictum Mata , Pita and  Guru are Gods . But what has happened in this case is highly deplorable

A teacher in UP stripped a group of class VIII students and paraded them in the school campus for two hours and filmed them with a mobile phone.

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The alleged  incident took place in UP’s Sonebhadra district last week but came to light early this week when students told parents about the occurrence.

Parents of the girls later reported the incident to the district magistrate and requested him to take appropriate action.

‘She also used to hit us with a stick and on Saturday, she forced us to take off our skirt and paraded us for over two hours. She also asked other students to come out of the class and clap at us,’ said one of the victims.

(Also read: ‘He Groped My Breasts; I Started Shivering’, Says Sonam Kapoor On Being Molested At 14)



The accused teacher has now been suspended by the District Magistrate but the heinous event can’t be undone and what about the trauma those little girls went through.

‘We are also thinking of lodging a police complaint against the teacher so that a strict message is sent to such teachers who give corporal punishment to students of any age group,’ said a father of one of the girls.



“The general manager of Anpara Thermal Power Project, which runs the school, has also been asked to take appropriate action,” the DM said.

The teacher, however, is denying all the allegations and calling it a conspiracy. If Indeed this is true the teacher should never be allowed a mile near any schools and should immediately go behind bars

source : Indiatimes