Chennai: In open dissent against chief minister-designate VK Sasikala, sidelined senior AIADMK leaders on Tuesday charged that Jayalalithaa could have been murdered and demanded a probe into her mysterious hospitalisation and death.

Former assembly speaker PH Pandian and his son Manoj Pandian, a former Rajya Sabha member, launched a broadside against Sasikala, questioning the legality of her election as AIADMK’s interim general secretary and subsequent election as leader of legislative party, a charge rubbished by the party.

File image of Sasikala and Jayalalithaa. PTI

File image of Sasikala and Jayalalithaa. PTI

“I was there (at the hospital) for around 15 days and everytime I tried to meet Jayalalithaa, I was always told by the hospital officials that the chief minister was having food, taking medication and undergoing intensive care. But, I knew that she had been unconscious since she was hospitalised,” Pandian said.

He added,

“It was only after a serious altercation at her residence that Jayalalithaa was admitted to hospital. At the end of the altercation, Jayalalithaa was pushed on to the floor during which there was no one to support her and apparently, she lost her consciousness.”

“In the hospital, I witnessed the entire scene for 15 long days during which Sasikala and the rest of the ministers there didn’t show even small signs of sorrow for the condition of the then chief minister,” Pandian added.

Following this, Pandian came up with several theories.

“When we contacted the top officials of Apollo Hospital on 5 December, the doctors said that they need at least four hours to take measures for preservation of the cadaver of the dead chief minister. But, surprisingly, Jayalalithaa’s body was immediately rushed to Poes Garden within two hours of her death. That has been raising a lot of suspicions,”


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Pandian said. So, the former deputy speaker is now demanding a serious investigation on the death of Jayalalithaa.

Subsequently, Pandian raised some questions on Sasikala who took charge as AIADMK’s general secretary. “This can not be a permanent posting for her in the party as it has to be signed by every member of the party to make her the party’s general secretary. So, she cannot sustain the role for a long time,” he claimed and added that the current members who have elected Sasikala as the party’s general secretary joined the AIADMK after the era of its founder MG Ramachandran, and so they do not know the basic constitution of the party.

Following this, Pandian claimed that Sasikala has acquired all the assets of J Jayalalithaa by betraying the members of the party. “Jayalalithaa herself had declared that all her assets should be given for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu, after her death. But, it has not happened,” Pandian claimed and added that Sasikala had already issued an apology letter to Jayalalithaa indicating that neither she nor her family had any relationship with the late chief minister, but Sasikala has now grabbed all her assets and roles.

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H/T : Hindustan Times