If you are a woman living in UP and go to a ‘recharge wale bhaiya‘ to top up your phone, you need think twice.

Unscrupulous people who run small recharge shops in Uttar Pradesh save the numbers of girls who come to recharge their balance and sell them to stalkers for a price.

They sell the number of a regular girl for Rs. 50. And if the girl is ‘exceptionally beautiful, they sell it for up to Rs. 500 !!!.

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The price is based on the girl’s looks. So you know who will get this and what they will do with it .

Soon after the number is illegally shared the girls get a call from the stalker with the usual dialogues ‘I want to friendship with you.” and “Humsein dosti karoge?”

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The problem is so widespread that the police had to set up a new helpline number to take the exclusive complaints from women. The number was set up when state CM Akhilesh Yadav received similar complaints from women.

More than 6 lakh women have called the helpline and lodged a complaint against these stalkers.


And the whopper – the police file no case against the ‘recharge bhaiyas’ for selling the phone numbers because then the jails in UP will be overfull.

“Koi crime nahin banega”

Says UP Inspector General Sekera.

Not one of these wrongdoers has been arrested for a crime as of yet . The police have to be vigilant and lay the trap for these guy. That is the only way the police can book them under Section 467.

The police get more than 100 complaints every day in the urban areas. When the police call the stalkers they give excuses like –

“She is my girlfriend who has stopped talking to me.”

“I dialed the number by mistake.”

The UP police need to take stringent action against these people and can’t just sit back and do nothing.

Until then, the women have to live with fear every day getting calls from creepy stalkers. Hope this wont snowball anything more nasty . If it does the govt and the police force will not have anyone else to blame

News Source – Hindustan Times