We all know what a Legend Sachin Tendulkar is in the cricketing world and we all know that he will be revered just like Don Bradman in the years to come. After having spent over 2 decades in the cricketing world, most of which were spent being the best batsman in the world, Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013.

However, his stories keep inspiring young cricketers around the world even now. Even the world’s best batsman currently, Virat Kohli has confessed to becoming a cricketer because of Sachin Tendulkar. Almost all of the current and previous generation of batsmen and cricketers were influenced by this giant.

When you play the sport for over 20 years and travel the world, there are bound to be stories that will eventually turn into legends.

Indian Express
Indian Express

One such story has a waiter from a hotel in Chennai as central character

Being a world-class cricketer and a public icon, Sachin Tendulkar was no stranger to people giving him advice. But his open mind is always ready and willing to listen to people because sometimes, it’s helped him a great deal.

Sachin said,

 “If you have an open mind, you can develop so many things. In Chennai it was a waiter who came up to me and said ‘if you don’t mind and don’t get offended I want to tell you something.’ I said ‘go ahead.’ He said my elbow guard restricts my bat swing. And he was 100 per cent right,”

The waiter’s advice resonated with Sachin and he immediately started implementing certain changes in his elbow guard and his stance. This resulted in Sachin having a more open bat-swing and we all know how that resulted, don’t we?

“I knew I was feeling uncomfortable but I never thought of doing it myself. A few years down the line I got hit a couple of times on my elbow guard and it hurt. That’s when I realised that the padding on my elbow guard is inadequate.

I instantly redesigned my elbow guard. I needed to re-open it and work on it, get the fibre and cushion on either side to absorb the impact. In our country everyone from panwala to CEOs will give you advice. But one should still be open about ideas.” Sachin said.

Status Wallpaper
Status Wallpaper

Well, what can we say? We’re just happy to learn of this anecdote from the life of a legend and it teaches us to be humble  even when we are at the epitome of success.

H/T: Hindustan Times.