After impressing the world with his yoga skills, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev took on 2008 Olympic silver medalist Andrey Stadnik in the promotional bout of the Pro Wrestling League in New Delhi.

Ramdev, attired in his trademark saffron langot and sports shoes, showed off his wrestling prowess by beating the sporting Ukranian wrestler 12-0.

Incidentally, Stadnik defeated Indian star wrestler Sushil Kumar during Beijing Olympics.

Baba Ramdev, before entering the ring, greeted Stadnik with a namaskar and then went on to warm up by performing some asanas and a handstand. The Ukranian wrestler watched with a smile on his face.

The match ended with Stadnik ending it after about two minutes in which he largely let the yoga guru try his wrestling moves on him without putting up much resistance.

He also said that wrestling will rise in India in  the coming years and will become one of the most popular sports in the world.

On Tuesday, Ramdev had challenged the Olympic silver medalist to a friendly bout and Stadnik had accepted the offer.

This is not the first time Ramdev challenged an international wrestler. He had earlier challenged Sushil Kumar on the occasion of 20th anniversary of his Ashram in Haridwar. And guess what, he won that too.

Even though it’s just showmanship if it improves the wrestling scene in the country and produces more world class wrestlers , we are not complaining.

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