The Modi government is well known for it’s contradictory changes. The Modi government is now considering raising taxes on junk food and sugary drinks, The Economic Times reported , and this tax could be included in the 2017-2018 Budget slated to be presented on 1 February.

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The newspaper reported that a 11-member group including secretaries of the health, sanitation and urban development had met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and advocated for a “fat tax,” which could play a role in countering diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

“In our presentation to the PM, we suggested higher taxes on junk food and sugary beverages because consumption of such products is growing fast and fueling several lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disorders. We have also suggested that revenue earned from such tax be invested in health schemes,” a member of the group told ET.

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A year ago, Kerala became the first state in India to force a “fat expense” of 14.5 percent on burgers, pizzas, doughnuts and tacos served in marked eateries. Similar trend was seen in Philadelphia last year when it became the first major city in the United States to impose a soda tax.

Be that as it may, executing a “fat tax” could be an issue. In 2011, Denmark was compelled to take back a similar tax scheme, since individuals opted for less expensive options which violated the soul purpose of this tax.

So eat while you can, because Modi government might just steal away your favourite burger from you. And for those who are planning to get fit, you just got a reason to get that God/Goddess like physique.

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