When in flight, the biggest thing that annoys every one of us is the instruction to switch off our mobile phones. If not completely switch it off, we are asked to at least put it in on flight mode. And that is not appreciated by many passengers, at least by most of us. right?

It somehow puts the always-connected generation in a somehow isolation mode. We feel unplugged.

why to keep flight mode on airplanes
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But why are we strictly asked to suspend all the connections when on a flight?

No, the classic answer that aeroplanes fear that mobile frequencies might lead to a malfunction of the plane’s electronic systems is flawed and very wrong. That has never happened. And if that was the case, travelling in flights would have been risky. Who knows when a psycho decides to trigger a plane crash just by switching his mobile phone on!

So what may be the real reason?

For starters, the mobile signals will definitely interfere with the critical piece of information that the pilot might be receiving from ground control. The noise in his headphone would be too much especially when it’s coming from over a hundred passengers.

However, the bigger reason why we are asked to disable mobile phone connectivity in aeroplanes is in order to prevent disruption to cellular towers on the ground.

why switch off mobile phones while travelling in planes
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Basically, having hundreds of mobile phones flying at a great height above the Earth’s surface, that too at a speed of over 400-500 miles per hour, constantly trying to connect and disconnect from ground-based cell towers interferes with the cellular networks. Most of our cell networks weren’t designed to provide service to handsets moving at such a high speed and great height. In fact, it can apparently degrade the networks significantly.

Also, in the process of connecting and disconnecting with a cellular tower, every few seconds will make the mobile phone battery go dead too.

what will happen if I switch my mobile phone on in airplane?
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But why are in-flight Wi-Fi allowed sometimes?

Because its emissions are around 100 times less powerful than that of some 3G radios. And newer planes are also made to be somehow resilient to its effects.

Feeling educated today? Yeah, me too!

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