Sooner or later we will all be traveling in electric powered or plugged in hybrids.

As the amount of natural gas getting depleted and the roads getting bigger the demand for the cars are not going to decrease, knowing this many automobile companies and new startup have started to research and develop the new ways to power their wheels. As a result of this we can see that their are many fully electric powered and hybrids are coming up and they are getting very good response.

tesla model s

The cars are getting more smarter.

With things getting smaller that even a radar can be fitted in front of a car, the cars are getting smarter and more safe. Now you don't need your co passenger to drive when you get tired yes the car can even know if you are tired and drive the car to a safe place and take rest or you can tell him were you should be going he can get you their. 

The Tesla motors is American automakers and energy storage company had released few very good and reliable fully electric powered cars The Tesla Model s, Model x, Model 3 All those cars are really futuristic 

The Tesla can pick you up when you done with your dinner, you no need to wait for the valet driver to bring your car it can now do so much that you no longer need to drive it the auto pilot feature of the Tesla models can drive you through highways. The car can open the door for you if you are around and find parking lot nearby and park him self.

Tesla Model S

Do not under estimate these guys they are really fast too.

Yes you heard it right or we can say that they are even faster than others. Lately in CES 2017  Faraday Future an American start up company has introduced a car called Faraday Future FF 91 which is insanely fast that it sticks you on to the head rest. The car has a acceleration time of 2.39 seconds  from 0-60mph. That is like super car speed attained buy a all electric powered car .

That means these cars are not only smarter they are fast too and for that reason they can be expected on the tracks in the future.

Faraday Future FF 91

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