Two teenage girls were being harassed by three bike-borne men when a woman, stuck in traffic decided to intervene. She decided that she has to teach these miscreants a lesson rather than look the other way which most of us do everyday. This was reported by Hindustan Times

The woman who noticed the heinous act was sportsperson Krishna Poonia who has gotten a gold medal for our country at the Commonwealth Games of 2010.


Krishna Poonia came out of her car when the incident happened in Charu district in Rajasthan . When the guys saw the well built lady coming towards them they just sped away from the scene. 

But being who she is Krishna gave the chase and caught one of the riders which made him fall from the bike 

She then called the police. The police just like in the films came quite late that too after two calls to them. After taking the miscreant to the police station and had a police complaint lodged against him by the girls. 


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When I saw those two girls being harassed, I thought that they could well have been my daughters. That made me go after the men,” she told Hindustan Times.

Chibuk really salutes the iron lady to show us what has to be done when such an incident is happening around us. We cannot turn the other way anymore. We really urge all our readers to really be active in shutting off this menace from our society.

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