We are in to the fifth generation of computing devices, Artificial intelligence.

We are slowly inching towards the next generation of computing the Artificial intelligence. As we can see their are many kind of voice recognizing devices that we use in our daily life now, knowingly or unknowingly we all part of it in our day to day life, 

One such a kind of voice recognizing platform which provides us with the voice assistance is the . The amazon's echo which is the smart speaker which has become very popular lately has been integrated with Alexa and this getting really popular in the CES2017 too

Alexa can do all the things the other voice assistance can do!! Then why Alexa?

The reason for the Alexa or the Amazon Echo is gain so much popularity is that Alexa has extended its support from just a smart speaker and some hand full of devices to a wide range of products, that include Ford cars, LG's new refrigerator, and Huaweie's Mate 9. The response from the CES2017 have shown that amazon has hit the sweet spot and have taught of something different this time. Unlike the other voice assistance Amazon has made the Alexa to be more generic and that is the why in the CES2017 Alexa is to be seen everywhere.

Above all Amazon Alexa is the most affordable voice assistance that you can get that is fully dedicated as a virtual assistance


How could Alexa help you?

Well pretty much everything!

Alexa can Play you music, keep track on your grocery, call you a cab, get you traffic updates, tell you if it is gonna rain today, turn your drawing room to a party hall , even it can remind you a doctor appointment and awful lot of tricks 

Also we can teach her by downloading Alexa in our smartphones and download different skills using the app and make her learn a new skill, like ordering a pizza.

Alexa can even connect to the devices and activate them or get information from them.