1990's Was The Time

Back in 1995, I was studying in a technical institute at Peenya Industrial Area. Due to the nature of the course, it was compulsory for all students to stay in hostel. They were allowed to go out only during weekends. Most of the students were from rural areas from various part of south India and there were very few people from Bangalore city. All those who grew up in Bangalore, every weekend the one avoidable plan in the schedule is to visit MG road. Every fun activity  like watching movies, eating, shopping and watching girls can be done around areas associated with MG Road. Among boys it was a cool thing to say that you had been to MG road last weekend. You are not considered a cool guy, if you have not visited MG road at least once.

 Being a teenager from outside Bangalore, my curiosity about his place grew more and more after every weekend, hearing stories from seniors and local Bangalore boys. During my visit to my aunt's house, I enquired my cousin(who grew up in Bangalore) about this wonderful place where we can hangout and see lot of good looking girls. She said that, it is sidewalk with lot of fancy shops and lots of beautiful people walking from one end to another end. Next time when I visited them, she took me to MG road. MG road turned out to be very nice experience for me. This place had legendary hangout areas like Plaza Theatre, Gangaram book house, Indian coffee house, Nilgiris, Rex theatre, fifth avenue, walk to commercial street, side walk in the opposite side(Metro station currently). For another 3 to 4 years MG road used to be the dearest hangout place of me and my friends. 

The Myth of MG Road

During 90's, there was a famous myth about MG road. On new year eve, the lights will be switched of for a minute when clock strikes 12.00 and all high fashioned Bangalore girls would be in MG road celebrating new year. So if you are lucky, you can meet some girls and hang around with them. Bingo!!!!!!

Ever since I moved to Bangalore, I have been hearing the stories about new year celebrations at MG road. But I never got a chance to be part of new year celebration. During 2000 new year, I was in Bangalore and decided to celebrate the new year at MG road with my PU classmates. I did not want to miss this opportunity and more over it was millennium new year. We reached MG road at around 6.30 PM on 31st December 1999. By this time police had blocked the traffic through brigade road going to residency road. We got some parking space in residency road and walked till Brigade road. Our plan was to get in to some pub and sit there till midnight and hang around with girls. But the reality was that every pub was either full or we were declined from entering. We tried Nasa, underground and some other pubs whose names I don't remember. We stayed back in church street hoping that when some one gets out from a fully crowded pub, we will try to enter. But that did not happen. We waited till 10.00 PM.


By this time, brigade road was full of boys from all over Bangalore and neighbourhood. All were here to celebrate new year with girls. Come to MG road on new year's eve to celebrate the new year with girls - this was the legend, that was told over and over in countless hostels and boy's groups. Most of the guys were drunk. Since there was nothing much to do, the crowd was simply walking up and down shouting new year wishes and whatever came to their mind. I heard Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi and many other unknown languages. Soon more people joined the crowd and it became unmanageable.  Different groups of people wandering aimless and shouting new year wishes. Initially we joined the crowd and played along, shouting wishes in unknown languages. We got tired very soon. We were eagerly waiting for 12.00 and girls coming to party at MG road. But there were none of them. All girls were suppose to be partying here.  We did not see anyone.  We just wanted to run away from the crowd and go home. I don't even remember, if the light was switched off or not at 12.00 clock.

After that New year's eve, I never went to celebrate another new year at MG road and discouraged my friends from going there on new year's eve. I grew up from the teenager who went to celebrate new year with girls. Hearing the news about recent events at MG road, brings back the memories. Times have changed and attitude of the crowd gathered there  are alarming. MG road and its associated areas  will always stay in my heart for ever. 

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