You have a Headache

Before you reach for the pain killers,which we all normally do, reach for glass of water. Your brain needs water as much as your other organs – it sits in a protective fluid sack inside your skull, after all – and a lack of water means it’s lacking oxygen, blood flow, and protection from bumps. The result of all that deprivation? Pain. So if you get a headache, consider it a first warning from your brain, and drink a glass of water before you try other treatment.

You Feel Lightheaded

Before going to the doctor or getting panicked please have a glass of water first .When you’re dehydrated, blood and oxygen flow to your brain decrease, causing your vision to blur, the world to spin, and/or you to feel dizzy and/or lightheaded.If you feel a spell of dizziness coming on, get to safe place where you can sit or lie down without hurting yourself, preferably with a trusted friend or family member, and drink some water as soon as you can.

Chronic Bad Breath

You brush and floss regularly and still your breath stinks . May be it is because of dehydration.A healthy, hydrated body produces saliva, which in turn fights bacteria. Not enough water equals less saliva, which in turns means more bacteria. And that bacteria? It smells. 

Dry mouth is also a similar symptom and luckily you just have to drink water to solve them.

You Have Dry Skin

Just like dry mouth you can also have dry skin due to lack of hydration. Sound logical isn't it . Normally when you go to a doctor too they will advise you to "Drink Lots of Water" . Especially if you have oily skin and you find dry patches on your skin it typically means dehydration. 

You have Digestion Issues

Do you have constipation. Do you blame it only on your diet ? . It may not be entirely true. You may also have indigestion and acid reflex . All these can be symptoms of dehydration and can be cured by drinking enough water. Regular, healthy hydration keeps the gastrointestinal track clean and supple, which makes everything work the way it should for regular, healthy digestion. Plus, it makes sure that your stools don’t harden and/or become difficult to pass. It’s not a pretty subject, but it’s important— and easy to fix with water.

You Urinate Infrequently And/Or Your Urine is of Wrong Color

Your urinary habits and the color of urine is the best way to tell if you are dehydrated or not . You should urinate 4 to 7 times a day and the color of the urine should be clear /or light yellow . Dark Yellow indicated dehydration. Any more darker than Orange You have to see a doctor.

You Have Sudden Food Cravings

Do you sometimes feel a craving to eat food. It may not be hunger. It may be thirst. Try to drink a glass of water first and then wait to see if your hunger pangs goes away . While some debate the idea that our bodies mistake thirst for hunger, it is true that hydration is an important way of getting nutrients to our organs and making sure  food is digested properly. So Dehydration is, linked to both a lack of electrolytes and a difficulty in producing glycogen. How does that make us feel? Like we’re craving, respectively, something salty or something sweet! So if you suddenly feel like you need some chips or some chocolate, try drinking water first and see if you can keep that craving at bay.

You Are Having Joint Pains , Cramps etc

Like Headache body pains , joint pains and cramps can also be symptoms of dehydration. If cramps wake you up in the night try drinking water and go to sleep. Our joints and cartilage are about 80 percent water, so a lack of water increases the friction in our joints that causes pain. Plus, a lack of electrolytes, potassium and sodium – all of which hydration helps increase – is linked to cramps.

You Are Not Sweating /Or Sweat very less

Please keep a check on how much you sweat during your workouts or on your walks . We sweat to regulate our body's temperature and we cant do it if we dont have enough water to create that sweat. So if you have an intense workout and don’t sweat, don’t be pleased that you don’t need a shower. Get some water IMMEDIATELY.

As always, consult your doctor if you experience any unusual, intense, and/or sustained symptoms of dehydration or other health issues. The best thing you can do for your body? Pay attention to it— and drink water, of course.

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