Eggs Support Immune System

Eggs are rich in selenium because of which it helps in fighting off infections and can do wonders for our immune system. It secondarily also helps in regulating the thyroid glands.

Eggs help in fighting anxiety and stress

Eggs has essential amino acids. These amino acids promote mental health by helping to regulate serotonin levels in our brains. Serotonin is one chemical responsible for controlling the quality of our sleep, digestion, memory, and sexual function, among other things.,h_461,c_fit/v1/img/recipes/13/14/26/pic1FTcq7.jpg

Eggs Help In Controlling Cholesterol

Now this is where majority of misconceptions arise . Do eggs contain Cholesterol . Yes. Are they bad for you. Not really. Eggs are high in HDL which is the "good" form of the cholesterol.

Eggs Help In Keeping Bones And Teeth Healthy

Eggs are also good source of Vitamin D which is essential for keeping our bones and teeth healthy . Along with good sunlight exposure eggs will help in keeping your skeletal structure good and also make sure that you can eat much more than a egg by keeping your teeths strong.

Eggs Help in Improving Your Skin

Eggs are a good source of vitamin B family which helps in keeping our skin and hair healthy. So if you need that flawless skin and hair don't forget the humble eggs.

Eggs Are Good Companion For Reducing Weight

Eggs have a very good property for people who wants to reduce weight. They will make you feel full once you have them and you wont feel hungry for quite some time. So they can be your good friend when you are trying to reduce weight

So don't forget to have your eggs . Also be ready to defend our good friends when someone speaks badly about them. We will be there to support you.


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