1. 1 Stay away from items that you damn well know are not good for you

  2. 2 Volunteer for any household work or office work that will make you walk and do physical activity

  3. 3 Drink water or if so desperate a coffee or tea when you want to smoke or are having craving for junk food

  4. 4 Make sure that you eat protein in every meal you take

  5. 5 If you are a mainly a sedentary person make sure you don't eat too much of carbohydrates just before you sit for prolonged times

  6. 6 Hangout Less and Less with people who make you smoke and drink

  7. 7 Dont be obsessed with your weighing scale , but look in the mirror and be happy

  8. 8 Stop using your phone/tab and laptop at least half an hour before you sleep

  9. 9 As far as possible pack and carry your food if you want to be healthy

  10. 10 Always make sure that you eat in moderation. At any time , everytime

  11. 11 If You Are Fat, Start With Acknowledging Your Mistakes- Dietary And Lifestyle. This Is Where You Start.

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