1. 1 Which is your favourite position ?

    1. Point Gaurd
    2. Shooting Gaurd
    3. Power Forward
    4. Small Forward
    5. Center
  2. 2 Which is your favourite basketball move?

    1. Slam Dunk
    2. Rejection
    3. Long Range Shot
    4. Dribbling skillset
    5. Clutch shot
  3. 3 Your All-Time favourite NBA team?

    1. LA Lakers
    2. CLE Cavaliers
    3. GS Warriors
    4. Miami Heat
  4. 4 Which shoes would you prefer to buy?

    1. Kobe 10
    2. Lebron 13
    3. SC 3
    4. Kyrie 3
  5. 5 Is your favourite player in this pic?

    1. Yes
    2. No

Which NBA player do you resemble to?

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  1. Quiz result

    Lebron James

    You resemble closely to King James himself, You are a team player and a clutch situation specialist. His "strive for greatness" motto inspires you to work harder and get better each day
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  2. Quiz result

    Stephen Curry

    You resemble closely to Stephen Curry. 'Strength in Numbers' is what you believe in and you are tremendous long range shooter. His shooting and passing skills have inspires your game style.
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  3. Quiz result

    Kobe Bryant

    You resemble to the "Black Mamba". You are the most loyal team member and for you your team is like a family. You are a clutch shot specialist and his shooting skills inspire your game style.
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  4. Quiz result

    Kyrie Irving

    You resemble closely to "Uncle Drew". His dribbling skills have inspired your game style and you believe in skills, rather than strength and size. You are a clutch shot specialist and a team player
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