16 days! Hard to believe right.

Reports suggest that, shooting of the movie was well coordinated and completed in a record time of 16 days. When asked about this unusual event director Shlok Sharma humbly explained saying, " It was indeed very challenging to finish an entire feature film’s shoot in 16 days. That’s why the team’s role was the most crucial. My lead actors- Nawaz bhai and Shweta were spot on. So was the crew. Siddharth, my DOP, and his team, along with the production team were all absolutely in tandem. There was no way this would have been possible without the team I had behind me.”


About the movie

The movie revolves around an unusual love-triangle between a married Professor, his 14 year old female student and another male classmate who is also tries his luck to impress her. The movie is set in a small village of Gujarat and is surely going to add to the cult classics list with what the trailer has shown us so far. Don't you mistake this movie to be a sweet love story with a happy ending, it looks like it is filled with surprise elements along with a touch of humor. 

Release Date: Jan 13

Set to storm the theater's on Jan 13th, 'Haraamkhor' faced many Certification issues earlier in 2015 when the movie had been shooted. After persistent efforts by the movie makers, the movie finally got a green signal and is set to open 2017 on a powerful note. Watch the trailer of the movie here 


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