Sitting for prolonged periods: Human body was designed to endure, but the modern way of living promotes more of a sedentary lifestyle. Prolonged hours of sitting takes our body into storage mode which in turn leads to storage of fat at the molecular level. Latest research on sedentary lifestyle reveals that ten hours of continuous sitting cannot be offset by a single hour of workout. So people who boast of being regular at the gym please take a note if you follow the same routine. If this wasn’t alarming for you, the next one will surely be.



Prolonged sitting also leads to severe neck and back pain. This is due to the leaning of neck towards the computer screen and also due to the compressed spine which leads to herniated discs in the long run. The other effects include compressed internal organs which affects mainly the pancreas and soon will become the reason for diabetes. The effects are dreadful but the preventive measures are almost effortless. You just need to get up from your seated position once every hour and walk for two minutes. So you can convert this into a water break and prevent your body into dehydration. This is the reason the IT industry is taking fitness of it’s employees very seriously.

Lack of a good night sleep:  A very commonly followed trend by youngsters and many working professionals. But the effects of sleepless nights on the long run are terrifying. Sleepless nights lead to improper brain functioning which is the route cause of problems like depression, paranoia, impulsive behaviour and in worst cases even suicidal thoughts. You must have noticed fitness professionals giving more emphasis on rest, that is because growth hormones are released during sleep which help develop muscle mass and also regenerate cells and tissues. The other effect which has now-a-days become a common cause for all the fatal accidents is ‘micro sleep’. Micro sleep is a state when our body can’t take anymore of sleep deprivation and shutdowns for a few seconds and worse may last for a minute. The worst part is the person never realizes when he sleeps and gets back. This is the time when tragic accidents happen especially on highways during the night time.



The most dreadful of them all which you wouldn’t have ever heard of is Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI). This is a medical condition which is inherited into childrens from sleep deprived parents with similar disorder. The effects are categorized into 4 stages. In stage 1 the patient experiences unfathomable insomnia. Severe panic attacks and hallucination is experienced in stage 2. Stage 3 is followed in a couple of months when total insomnia sets in and lead to drastic weight loss. The last and final stage leads to unresponsiveness and eventually to coma and death. The patient is physically dead but mentally endures all the pain according to reports.

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