It was indeed a hearth breaking event for people of Tamil Nadu when their beloved “Amma” passed away. Even though she was in critical condition for more than 70 days most of them believed that she will come back stronger and will continue to guide them.

But on 5th of December she passed away and this normally would have caused a lot of issues in a state like Tamil Nadu . But there were not much untoward incidents that happened and the main kudos for that goes to the police force. They were continuously on vigil and made sure that no major incidents happened across the state . They were relentlessly taking care day and night that no bad things happen during these days



The Hindu is a paper with glorious history and commands respect from all quarters. Again during this crisis situation they shown bright. The canteens of the news paper were opened up for the police force to have food and refreshments and we think this is a great gesture from one of the premier news papers of the country . We really thank them for re-affirming that there is still goodness left in this world and there are examples that our kids can still see and read.



One of the employees of The Hindu, Jarshad Kakkrakandy, shared this picture on Facebook which gained a lot of respect from everyone.


Now there may be skeptical morons that say that its the police’s duty to keep peace and to make sure that there are no incidents. Then we will ask them to please join the police force and try to do it day in and day out and on holidays and on festivals. Then we will take that bull shit from you
We at chikbuk like to look at life from a positive angle and that keeps us happy. That’s what we want right ? . To be happy and hopeful

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