AIADMK leader Jayaram Jayalalitha greets the audience during her swearing-in-ceremony as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state in Chennai, India, Saturday, May 23, 2015. An appeals court acquitted the powerful politician in southern India of corruption charges earlier this month, clearing the way for her to return to public office. She was forced last year to step down as the highest elected official in Tamil Nadu after a Bangalore court in September convicted her of possessing wealth disproportionate to her income and sentenced her to four years in prison. (R. Senthil Kumar/ Press Trust of India via AP)

The former Chief minister of Tamilnadu Dr J.Jayalalithaa Passed away on 5th of Dec 2016 in Apollo Hospital , Chennai and this news really crushed the people of Tamil Nadu. She was like the sibling of many people taking care of each and every aspect of their life. “Ammas” blessing was there from the birth of the child to getting to eat  one rupee idli. There may be no other leader or chief minister in India that has changed the life of the people of their state . She really earned the title of “Iron Lady” for standing tall in Tamil Nadu politics where men were always ruling the roost.

Her story from a naive actress to a powerful politician is really awe inspiring to say the least . She was always this articulate human being and always knew what she wanted. She always wanted to be the best in whatever she did and never wanted to back down . She was very reserved from earlier days itself that no one really knew of the real Jayalalitha

Jayalalitha - In a pensive mood

Even at  the tender age of 16 when she was pushed to the film industry even though her aim was to pursue studies she got to act with the leading actors of that time like MG Ramachandran and later Rajinikanth. But after doing close to 140 films she decided to quit the film industry in 1980 and that was not very well received in many areas .

There were articles in media which said that Jayalalithaa is struggling to come back and so on. Jayalalitha pushed this aside stating that they are just rumours and even shared a letter she wrote to Brian Laul who was a journalist . Please find the letter below



Here is what it says if you cannot read it from the image

With reference to a news item in Khaas Baat in “ SUNDAY “ dated 25th May 1980, while thanking you for the many compliments you have paid me, I feel constrained to point out that I am not , repeat, not “struggling to stage a come-back “. I am at a loss to understand how you gained this erroneous impression.

In fact, I have been turning down some excellent offers. Perhaps you don’t know that the heroine’s role in Balaji’s “Billa”, opposite Rajnikanth , was first offered to me. It was only offer, I refused to do the film that Balaji signed Sripriya for the role. Balaji himself has admitted this publicly. Everybody knows that Balaji is one of the foremost film producers in India today, and Rajnikanth is the Tamil screen’s superstar. If I am capable of turning down such a dazzling offer, does that not prove conclusively that I am not in the least struggling to stage a come-back?

In truth, There is no necessity for me to do so. I am really no longer interested in a film career. By God’s grace, I am Extremely well off financially, and I can continue to live like a queen for the rest. This is only to tell you that my interests lie in a different direction altogether and if I am not acting in films at present it is certainly not due to lack of good offers.”

Look at the way she has articulated what she wants and how clear she is of her thoughts. The personality of Jayalalitha is coming out in that letter and we subconsciously respect her . We at chikbuk really wish that she rests in peace and there will be other leaders coming in who is as good and as sensible as her .



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