It is a well known secret that Google knows about you more than you know yourself. They track your activities in all ways possible and use that information in various ways. In case you dont know Google is predominantly an advertising company and the preferences and other details of the users are used for serving highly personalized ads for the user

How many of us know that Google knows each and every place that you have been to with your phone ?. Yes , it is true. Google has information about all places that you have visited , your travel patterns, where do you go the most and much more. You can see that your phone gives you suggestions based on where you are. For example if you are inside a mall Google will suggest that it can show you the internal map of the mall, various shops inside it and more .



We know you don’t believe us

Please go to the following link and login using your google username which you have used in your phone. It can then show you all the places that you have been from the time you have been using a phone with that user name. scary isn’t it.

Now happy news

The happy news is that you can escape from the clutches of this all knowing big brother. Its rather easy. The secret again lies in the Google map settings. Go to the timeline page and you can delete all your previous data. There is also option for not letting Google track you anymore and collect the data . You will have to explicitly opt out of the option and it has to be done both in andriod and ios . Relieved ? We bet you are



Now share this information to all other you know too .

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