In olden days we have heard our elders tell us to give water and other food to babies as soon as they about a month old. They pester us saying that the baby is not getting enough food and is thirsty and so on. But now most of the doctors and science journals say that you have to feed the infant only with breast milk up to 6 months

If you are giving water to a baby which is less than 6 months it can lead to what is called Water intoxication . This is what happened to the couple in USA when they were arrested after their baby died . They were diluting the breast milk with water so that it will lasts longer. They are claiming that they didn’t know that water intoxication can be fatal for their baby.

So even if it doesnt seem very serious giving water to a baby less that 6 months can be fatal

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In fact it is categorically proved that Breast milk is enough for babies less than 6 months

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After 6 months up to one year babies can sip small amounts of water which may not be harmful. But the intake has to be regulated. It’s absolutely important that we have to slowly accustom our baby to any new food and it’s true for water too.

Ultimately its our baby and we will do anything we need to make sure that he/she is not harmed in anyway right . So please make sure you dont heed to anyone even though it means ruffling some feathers in the family .

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Do good , be good

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